What Do Small Businesses Need To Know About Windows “Zero Day” Vulnerability?

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Microsoft Windows has a vulnerability that is making small businesses everywhere sit up and take notice. Every version of the company’s operating software is affected. A security researcher elected to reveal this flaw because the company did not adhere to the deadline that they were given in order to fix it.

This vulnerability is called “zero day”. Hackers can exploit this vulnerability with relative ease and the company was given a firm deadline of 120 days to fix it. A research from the Trend Micro Security Research team was responsible for the discovery. The Zero Day Initiative has been established as a means of closing these types of loopholes before it is too late.

September has come and gone without a fix. Now, small businesses are left to wonder if the issue is going to be taken care by the time next month’s patch has come and gone. The JET Database Engine is the location of the vulnerability. It allows any hacker to successfully execute malicious coding on any computers that use these operating systems.

Small businesses must take extra precautions until the “all clear” signal can be given. While the average hacker is probably not going to look to target a small business, there is nothing wrong with being prepared. Tech support in West Palm Beach can be contacted in these instances so that they can offer their expertise to any company that finds themselves concerned.

Contacting tech support in West Palm Beach is one of the best ways for a small business to offer themselves the necessary peace of mind. Staving off hackers is not something that most small businesses tend to concern themselves with. At times like these, we are better off asking the professionals for the assistance that we need.

They have the experience that we require and they are able to work as quickly as possible. Small businesses that cannot be afford to be out of commission for extended periods of time benefit immensely from these types of partnerships. Twitter users are now aware of this security breach and this makes protection more crucial than ever.

All it takes is one attack for a small business to lose out on the credibility that they have spent months (or even years_) building. In the meantime, a small business can restrict the amount of access that is being provided when it comes to their most important files. Applications that could be vulnerable should not be allowed to interact until the patch is complete.

Task Scheduler and PoC monitors should be watched as well. This lets the small business owner make sure that no suspicious processes are being spawned. The Print Spooler Service and connhost.exe are the two processes that signal a potential hack.