What Has Google’s ‘Always Free’ Cloud Platform Got To Offer

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Businesses looking to develop, customize, and manage applications for growth can leverage the services of a cloud platform to do so. These cloud services which are commonly being made available by Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have been designed to meet a myriad of business’s needs.

Just recently, Google introduced a more captivating alternative for its own Cloud Platform service which was presented in the form of an ‘Always Free’ cloud service. This seemingly crafty move introduced by Google was aimed at urging users, including IT support for medical practices to switch to a new application development platform.

This new cloud platform comes with streaming data services, NoSQL database, mobile backends, various web applications and other requisite virtual machine features. Users in the US can enjoy 5GB Regional Storage every month on this new platform.

Unlike the former, this new tier of service from Google offers a consumable $300 credit upon sign-up usable for any product of its Cloud platform, including Google Stackdriver, Google Cloud Functions, and Google Compute Engine. Before now, this free credit could only be used within the first 60 days, but today, it now comes with a 12-month trial period.

Unfortunately, not all of the products and services associated with Google Cloud are available to all; many of which are being offered in Google’s us-central1, us-west1, and us-east1 regions. All these have constituted to some sort of regional restrictions. Apart from its usage limits, the need for a good Google account standing and an upgraded billing account has also subjected this tier to eligibility and requirements.

Like other cloud providers in the market, such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google’s tier offerings, as well as its cloud platform services, tend to share certain similarities. Interestingly, Amazon Web Services (AWS) also provides users with a free tier known as “AWS Free Tier” which is also valid over the course of a 12-month trial period. However, there is a clear advantage between the two. The free virtual machines offered by Google are a noticeable advantage it has over Amazon which is yet to offer such service.

No doubt, there is a high level of competitiveness in the cloud market. The recent introduction of the new ‘Always Free’ tier is a clear attestation of Google’s inability to persuade – users particularly users of Amazon’s platform – of competitors’ services despite supporting users with a $300 free trial credit.

Due to the availability of numerous cloud providers, it’s quite easy to become complacent especially when it comes to making the best choice. But despite sharing almost all the same features, some cloud platforms have proven to be more suitable for certain businesses than others. So when searching for a cloud platform, ensure to choose one that goes in line with IT support for medical practices