What You Need To Know About Google’s Integration With Citrix

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Now that Citrix is integrating with Google Cloud, healthcare IT professionals can work whenever and wherever they choose from their internet-enhanced devices, thanks to the availability of feature-rich cloud applications such as Slides and Docs in G suite. In a bid to effectively run virtual desktops and applications in a cloud-hosted environment, Google recently announced that it will be working in tandem with Citrix. With this new improvement, medical practices are sure to get more out of their cloud platform.

Workspace Service

When only a few apps are already being run on a cloud environment and others are locally run, most medical practices often find it difficult to effectively manage them all together. This indicates disjointed devices and applications which in turn results in slow and inefficient processes.

Medical healthcare can now efficiently unify their entire desktop, mobile, Google and web-based apps, into a single hub for easy management of workflows, security updates, and access permissions across a range of devices and applications, thanks to Citrix Workspace integration with Google Cloud. In essence, this feature helps to ensure better management of their hybrid IT environments.


Citric also announced that along with Workspace Service, they will be introducing their ShareFile Feature to G Suite. This feature which will be used as a plugin for Gmail will enable healthcare IT professionals to securely send emails and file attachments. Basically, it utilizes advanced encryption ensure adequate data protection both in transit and at rest.

ShareFile is enhanced with a “follow-me data” feature that allows for smooth access to Google Drive, network drives, and local drives. When enables on G Suites, employees can easily work on documents, edit and save them on their desktop software and virtual apps even while in transit.


Citrix’s NetScaler is yet another feature to be introduced soon for Google Cloud. Basically, this system is designed to optimize apps and services’ performance by using load balancing. Simply put, NetScaler ensures that apps are receiving adequate computing resources such as storage space, RAM, processing power, etc. Applications can experience little to no downtime and even experience 5x speeds if used correctly.

Interestingly, healthcare IT developers can make good use of its enormous computing resources (Google) to create robust applications that can be easily run in the cloud. These can be effectively achieved by combining Google Cloud and NetScaler.

Obviously, both Google and Citrix are looking toward having more businesses and organizations moving to the cloud considering how employees can make use of these features to access and manage their desktop infrastructure online. For those who are still in doubt about moving to the cloud, with time these features may bring about an easy transition.

It is very important that you understand everything you need to know about the cloud and virtualization technologies before setting out to invest in them.