What You Need To Know About The Digital Workplace

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Given how quickly technology is changing today, it may be quite unfair to simply assume that the implications of IT are already being well understood. As technology continues to evolve, the role of IT in the digital workplace will still continue to grow. Here are some important aspects of collaboration to consider in the digital workplace.

BYOA – beyond mobility

Before now, it was all about BYOD – bring your own device. Despite the strong adverse reaction recently associated with the use of smartphones, many digital natives cannot still do without them. Since IT has no other option than to adopt these devices, every tech support in West Palm Beach simply has no choice but to flow with the tide. While collaboration platforms might be said to be far from creating that rich desktop experience, it is, however, interesting to see them go mobile-centric.

BYOA – bring your own application – which is now taking center stage in the digital workplace is gradually displacing these concerns. Just so you know, it’s a trend going beyond mobility. Under the collaboration umbrella, BYOA presents a more functional platform than mobility, thanks to the cloud. With the cloud, many IT practitioners are employing full tech support in West Palm Beach as it provides unlimited access to virtually any application on the internet.

Even without involving IT, any user can freely access applications on the cloud. Unfortunately, not everyone can be self-sufficient to take this route despite proven to be very efficient. As a result, things tend to be very complicated for a subset of workers who can’t use IT to manage their roles. However, IT cannot just leave everyone stranded with their own device. This emphasizes the need for every company in West Palm Beach to work along with tech experts to enable those lagging behind to meet up and also enjoy the benefits of collaborating applications in the workplace.

There’s no better time for collaboration technology than now

It’s high time IT supports and integrates collaboration technology. While there may be some dark sides with technology, it is, however, important to weigh the good side and flow with the trend. Today, it’s easier to work on the go or from home, thanks to the enhanced flexibility offer for collaboration in workspaces, the introduction of AI-driven digital assistants, improved applications, etc. No doubt, there is every opportunity for workers to become even more productive in the workplace with these developments.

The value of legacy applications cannot be underrated

Now that the digital workplace is still in the development stage, it is still important to consider the value of legacy applications. Just so you know previous technology and applications such as fax, email, desk phones etc are still valuable even in today’s digital workplace. There is no need to dismiss legacy applications for a newer technology. Even when the cloud-based or digital versions arrive, these applications will still prove relevant.