Why Hiring More It Staff Is A Bad Idea

PC Network Solutions Business

When it comes to computer support, it is always a good idea to have an IT staff on the premises that can handle the issues in a timely fashion. However, some companies fall into the trap of hiring more IT staff than they truly need and this is a bad idea. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why you need to keep your computer network support staff to a minimum.

Increased Costs

Hiring more IT staff means increasing the budget and when a company increases their budget, this typically means that other important services fall by the wayside. Plus, it keeps a business from having the necessary capital to invest in other areas of need that allow them to grow and seize a far bigger share of their chosen marketplace, which can lead to stagnation.


In most instances, a company that is considering hiring more IT staff is probably not getting enough out of the computer network support staff that is currently under their employ. Spending more money is not always the best route towards increasing your level of IT service and before you decide to increase your costs, it is in your best interests to take a closer look at the situation and see how you can get more from the staff you already have.

Protracted Training Period

Computer support is not something that comes easy and even the most skilled new employees are not always going to be up to speed immediately. When you choose to hire more IT staff, you are not able to reap any of the benefits that come with doing so until you have finished the training period and it typically costs a business far more to hire and train a new employee than it would to coach the current staff.

Offering added training to the IT staff that is already present is more cost effective over the long haul and it also allows a company to save valuable time that could be spent elsewhere. A current employee is also going to be more familiar with the strategies that you choose and your methodology, thus making them easier to re-train.

Loss of Focus

Hiring more IT staff means going through a hiring process, which can cause a company to lose focus on the truly important aspects of their day to day concerns. A company cannot grow and prosper if they are spending too much time of their time and focus on the things that do not truly matter.

While a functional, thriving IT staff is important, it is also important for a business to maintain undivided focus. When a company tries to hire more IT staff with the idea of improving their prognosis, they are neglecting the benefits associated with remaining focused on the existing elements of the business.