Why Legal Firms Should Be Proactive In Their IT Department

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Network security should be beefed up by security professionals. The security professionals should be implementing firewall software as well as diagnosing risks for breaches all the time. The truth is that they spend a significant amount of time with troubleshooting on individual computer devices. That system of handling issues is not the optimum. However, this is the regular way it happens in a lot of organizations but, at what price?

The Cost of Fixes

According to a survey of tech professionals, law firms waste over $80,000 of their annual budget for IT support for law practices because the security staff spends one hour or more fixing colleagues’ PCs every week. This wasted amount was based on the hourly salary average of an IT support staff multiplied by 52 weeks in a year. And despite knowing how much time is being wasted, another thing that makes it worse is that IT security staff are some of the highest paid employees in most law firms.

These fixes usually have to do with individual problems rather than company-wide or department-wide issues and do not necessarily add benefits to the entire company. The cumulative amount is especially mind-boggling for small or medium-sized legal firms as their finite resources would be better spent on acquiring legal tools and security upgrades in their network.

Additional Costs

Spending so much time fixing issues on personal computers usually means there will be less time used to attend to security improvements. For instance, the recent WannaCry ransomware attacks that successfully infiltrated over 250,000 computers in over 140 countries, shows the adverse consequences of neglecting operating system (OS) security patches at the appropriate time. This should be a routine task in network security, because, if ignored, it can leave a legal/law firm exposed, vulnerable and defenseless in the event of a dangerous cyber-attack like WannaCry. Although WannaCry attackers did not squeeze out too money from their victims, if it had been executed more professionally, it would have been more catastrophic for a lot of companies irrespective of their size.

There are beneficial projects that can be set up for the sake of individual computer issues. For smaller sized law firms, with about one or two IT staff reoccurring problems can be very unfavorable to growth and productivity. Small legal firms can add to their IT budgets, but if employees’ computer issues are persistent, additional personnel for IT support for law practices will not do a lot of good.

What Can Legal Firms Do?

Being proactive will halt the need for wasteful spending to fix problematic PCs. Even though a small legal firm has the resources to get extra IT staff, the shortage of cybersecurity skills will remain a lingering problem that won’t just go away. These legal firms should have experts who can proactively maintain and solve every recurring problem in the office.