Why The Arrival Of The New Android O Is Anxiously Awaited

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Android O, Google’s new operating system has recently been released for beta test. Although it is still in progress, work has reached final stage on it. It will be Nougat’s successor. What really matters are its features. Devices that will run on Android O are expected to have an extended battery life. This means that Android O will be able to conserve battery power which is good for energy efficiency

Android O will also have enhanced notification system. Apart from these two features, there are several other mind-blowing features proposed for Android O. Another unprecedented feature that will be offered by Android O is Picture-in-picture. This functionality will allow users to be able to watch a video while using another app. The video will appear in a small window at a corner of the screen.

Video apps like YouTube and Netflix have been integrated into the feature. Providers of healthcare IT services will introduce this feature to medical practitioners. With Picture-in-picture, doctors should be able to read about a particular internal part of the body and watch the video at the same time.

This is an important healthcare IT tool for surgeons who are about to perform an operation. The small window can also be used for video calls. Once the video has ended, the small window can be swiped away to have a full screen again.

Another feature of Android O worthy of mention is its notification dots. A dot will appear on the icon of any app that requires your attention. Once this happens, you can either tap and hold the app to see the notification or pull down the app from the top of the screen.

Just like how autofill works on PC, it has been brought into Android platform. Android O device users will be able to use the feature to log in and set up phone applications with their details. They will not need to keep typing out their details like name, address, email address, credit card details… etc as the autofill will automatically fill them in.

Android O comes with an improvement on the copy and paste feature. Users of Android O devices will not need to drag handles to highlight all the text to be copied anymore. They will only need to tap once on names, phone numbers or even email address and the rest will be automatically highlighted. This is a very good improvement as highlighting a long text can be quite difficult.

Even though Android O is meant for sophisticated devices, Google is also working on a lower version of O for affordable Android phones and it is called Android Go. It is meant to improve the android experience for low level android phones. Android Go offers several Google apps that require little mobile data, storage space and memory. For ease of download, the apps that are compatible with Android Go devices will be highlighted in Google Play Store even though other apps will still be available.

With the memory capacity between 512MB and 1GB, both Android O and Go will work very fine on devices. The two versions of operating systems are said to be available this summer and they are anxiously awaited.